Demo 2012

by Fossil Eyes

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Zach Roth
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Zach Roth Pissed, punky screamo. Kinda reminds me of State Faults. Favorite track: Written In Failure.
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Recorded in 2 days at Raygun Recording Studio.

Lead guitar by Alex Mabry
Rhythm guitar by Alex McClain
Bass by Lisa Birdenstine
Drums by Steven Mabry
Vocals by Jared Koons


released November 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Fossil Eyes Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Track Name: Malevo
All the constant rotations, of these frustrations.
Building inside me, always colliding.
No forward thinking, love without reason.
Answers to questions with no resurrection.

Why do we feel so alone with beauty in front of us?
I find it hard to believe there's nothing here for me.

Shot down, frustrated, I'll keep my heart locked away.
Forget the reasons I told you to stay.

You see no option, I feel exhausted.
Thinking about you, my whole world surrounds you.
Learn love and its variations.
Track Name: Affection, Addiction, Anonymous
Its hard to grasp the finality of these paths we've taken.
Our best days, jaded by the end
It casts a shadow over everything.

some days I wonder if I'll carry on, if I'll be there again, in the end.
From time to time I wake up, it becomes clear, and I realize

I was a phase a stepping stone to something more, to something else.
What went wrong, what caused this?
Was it all too much or was it never enough?
You left me hanging from the edge of a new being and now I'm falling through the cracks.
I thought you'd be there standing tall, next to me, but you weren't
and I wasn't at all what you expected me to be.

Take it all back
The good, the bad, packing it all away
But maybe in another life.
Track Name: Written In Failure
I'll hold my eyes open for as long as I can.
I hope I don't miss a single second of reality.

Plant my feet.
Become part of the world.
Take my stance,
and get knocked down.

Hoping. Pleading.
Putting myself in the headlights, seeking more.

Hope for the best.
This time wont be like the rest.

I find myself, buried deep within the earth
Thinking, this time I'll climb back up.
Solutions, resolutions, only exist in different lives, different times, different problems, different ways in different lives.